Thursday, 27 March 2014

FoodCrowd: creating a new app

Creating a new app. (

We, the inter disciplinary DE:FT team of computer and social scientists are making steady progress with the three apps we have although GradeBack has now been replaced by FoodCrowd, an app which we are developing with help from Archbishop Sentamu School. One of the aims of the app is to provide a creative, innovative and educationally orientated digital tool which has been designed in conjunction with the revised National Curriculum in England for Design and Technology 2014, aimed at pupils at Key Stage 1 to 3. The programme of study puts more emphasis on seasonality and where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed. With this in mind we have been working on an app which aims to connect schoolchildren with the food they are growing in their school garden and the impact that the environment can have on the way the plants grow.

The images below are simulations of how we envisage the app working. Pupils will open up the app to add a new entry on a particular plant they are growing in the school garden.

In this way the app will allow pupils to monitor and record the growth of the plants they grow in their school garden.  They will be able to monitor weather conditions, temperature, speed of growth and yield to mention just a few of the parameters that are being incorporated.  Hopefully any produce they grow will be used to prepare themselves a hot meal, again one of the objectives of the programme of study at KS3.  Apart from becoming competent in a range of cooking techniques the data the pupils have collected will help them to understand the principles of nutrition and health as well as mapping across into other areas of the National Curriculum, such as Numeracy.  The image below illustrates how the app will have the functionality to create graphs based on the data pupils have collected.

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